9:00 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Artificial Intelligence

9:10 am Case Study: Discovering the Possibilities of AI & Machine Learning to Improve Speed and Accuracy of Predictions


  • Learning how to improve the predictive power of your results when you don’t have enough data
  • Highlighting common pitfalls and how to avoid them to successfully implement Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in your company
  • Examining what the next steps will be to keep them in mind when setting up new systems

10:20 am Panel: Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence: Establishing a Strategy to Introduce Machine Learning

  • Hari Kalahasti Director - Data Architecture & Advanced Analytics, Clark Construction Group
  • Fred Meeske Vice President of Technology, Analytics & BIM, Rosendin


  • Discovering the wide variety of ways in which Artificial Intelligence can be utilized in construction
  • Explaining what data to use to create interesting and valuable results for predictive analytics
  • Learning how to use the data for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

11:00 am Using Artificial Intelligence to Capture Unstructured Data


  • Examining the advantages and disadvantages of using AI to recognize images
  • Getting started with photogrammetry data collection to include unstructured data
  • Discovering how to best use older, less accessible data effectively without spending too much time making it user-friendly

11:40 am Audience Discussion: Implementing AI into Your Analytics Strategy


  • What are the concrete goals we want to achieve by implementing Artificial Intelligence in our processes?
  • How do you take the first steps to implement AI and Machine Learning into your company?
  • What are the main reservations to wait with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence?

12:20 pm Networking Lunch


1:20 pm Integrating Your Data Stack to Improve Transparency of Data for All Employees


  • Identifying opportunities for integration to streamline the end-to end construction workflow?
  • Comparing the pros and cons of using different integrated boxed solutions to determine what the best strategy is for your organization
  • Establishing a system that aligns information structures effectively without increasing costs and time spent focusing on data

2:30 pm Assessing How to Use Large Data Effectively to Set Up and Maintain a Data Warehouse


  • Getting started: how to set up your data warehouse effectively
  • Discovering how a data warehouse can be used to analyze how potential projects will perform
  • Learning how to set up your data warehouse for standardized reports


1:20 pm Driving User Engagement for Sophisticated Analytics Applications

  • Amy Jones Director, Continuous Improvement and Benchmarking, Skanska
  • Will Senner Vice President Pre-Construction, Skanska


  • Approaching visualization design to support user insights from your data
  • Developing training specific to business processes to drive adoption
  • Addressing data literacy fundamentals to ensure accurate results
  • Strategies for on-going support with a PDCA mindset to ensure the long term sustainability of analytics tools

2:30 pm Building Maintainable, Automated and Reusable Production-Ready Data Pipelines

  • Liliana Tang Data Systems Specialist, Chandos Construction


  • Developing Extract – Transform – Load (ETL) data pipeline for descriptive analytics (e.g. departmental KPI dashboards)
  • Developing Natural Language Processing (NLP) data pipelines for text analytics (e.g. sentiment analysis on social media posts & reviews to predicts how happy customers are)
  • Developing Machine Learning (ML) data pipelines for predictive analytics (e.g. predict which employees are more likely to quit, so we can prevent that from happening)

3:10 pm Afternoon Refreshments

Improving Organizational Structure

3:40 pm Determining the Best Hiring Strategies to Avoid Wasting Time & Money

  • Joe Meadors Vice President of Information Services, Gaylor Electric


  • Hiring people who are in the right point in their career, so they have the right amount of experience for the right cost
  • Examining how to hire the right people to work in the office in a job searchers market where people prefer to work from home
  • Highlighting how to avoid pitfalls when hiring external resources to help your business

4:50 pm Audience Discussion: Analyzing the Size of Your Analytics Team to Strike the Best Balance between Analysts & IT Professionals


  • Comparing the sizes of your analytics teams to gain a better overview of what similar sized companies are doing
  • Examining the perfect balance between analysts and IT professionals in your team to create and interpret the data
  • How do you decide when and how to expand your team to ensure everyone has the right workload?

5:30 pm Chairs Closing Remarks

5:40 pm End of Day One