8:00 am Morning Networking & Breakout Discussions

9:10 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

  • Jit Kee Chin Chief Data & Innovation Officer, Suffolk Construction

9:20 am Keynote – Case Study: Developing a Corporate Wide Data Strategy Centered Around Analytics as a Tool for Smarter Business Decisions

  • Jit Kee Chin Chief Data & Innovation Officer, Suffolk Construction


• Moving data analytics away from individual projects to a corporate wide strategy of leveraging analytics for business decisions and preparing the business for that now
• What does the company need to do support the effort and ensuring the business is actually using data analytics in their business planning?
• Understanding what risk factors are added to jobs to increase efficiency and make more accurate decisions on each jobs long term value
• Reflecting on failures and how the lessons learned has changed strategy

10:00 am Case Study: Leveraging Data Analytics as a Risk Mitigation Tool to Identify Potential Issues Early in a Project

  • Ed Littleton Senior Vice President – Risk Management, Balfour Beatty
  • Bevan Mace Vice President – National Operations & Lean, Balfour Beatty


  • Enterprise risk management, mitigation and analytics
  • Key subcontractor analytics during pre-qualification, performance and post-completion
  • Early warning signs, inflection points and KPIs to decide when a project’s not going well
  • Utilizing analytics to gain early warnings of complications and evaluating problems before they get out of hand

10:30 am Speed Networking & Refreshments

11:20 am Presenter Led Audience Discussion: Strategic Data Capture – Developing Long-Term Planning & Implementation to Efficiently Obtain Data


  • Recognizing existing data entry processes and its place in long term data capture strategy
  • Understanding what data to use, capture, structure and the effort to do so
  • Organizing projects for data capture, naming conventions, standardizing processes and getting staff to log data accordingly to collect better data which support the various analytics tools
  • Recognizing the resources needed to capture data efficiently; connecting platforms, creating custom in-house applications and purchasing solutions & technologies

11:50 am Better Data from Easy(r) Collection = Actionable Insights

  • Andy Leek Vice President – Technology & Innovation, Paric


  • Project teams are Lean and Busy
  • Aggressive Schedules require better time optimization
  • Dynamic Site Conditions impact planning and logistics throughout the day
  • The impact of External Project Influences such as Weather, Shipping, Labor, and now Pandemics
  • Data is enabling better building experiences by focusing on:
    – Questions, Cadence, and Context
    – User Experience for all personas
    – Minimizing the Burden on Field Staff to collect data and curate information
    – Implementing Simple, Cost-effective Solutions for Data Capture from the Field (Plug-n-Play)
    – Utilizing Passive Data Collection to Bridge Information Gaps
    – Utilizing Reality Capture Data to minimize the need for human data capture, and overhead

12:20 pm Networking Lunch Break: Breakouts & Activities Ongoing

Track 1: Data Management
Company Preparation for the
Future of Analytics

1.20 Designing Data Collection & Standards that Align with Business Processes & Use Cases

  • Demonstrating the importance of understanding both
    business systems and data sources to holistically identify
    analytics use cases and opportunities
  •  Hearing how data standards are being rolled out, so all
    project teams and internal departments are collecting
    data with the proper formatting
  • Gaining the buy-in of senior leadership and working with
    them to identify the most useful applications of data

Brendan O'Riordan, Business Intelligence Manager, Suffolk

Track 2: Data Applications
AI & ML Case Studies

1.20 Utilizing Historical Data to Accurately Estimate Projects & Identify Profitable Jobs

  • Using historical costs and estimating software to accurately and quickly estimate the cost of a project
  • Taking scope change into consideration and getting owners to precisely outline scope when forming estimates to accurately predict the cost of project
  • Building models that predict the profitability of the job you are chasing to ensure you are maximizing company revenue
  • Moving from descriptive to predictive analytics to select profitable projects

Brent Pilgrim, DESTINI Applications Director,
The Beck Group

Greg O’Bryan, Preconstruction Engineer & Senior Engineer,
The Beck Group

1.50 Teamwork Through Analytics; The Human Aspect

  • Together we will explore how data-driven decision making
    can affect teamwork and how we can use these methods
    to gain further positive results

Angel Steimert, Business Operations Management,
Ryan Companies US, Inc.

1.50 Advancements in Applying Data Analytics, AI & ML to Schedules to Set Projects Up for Success

  • Leveraging data analytics and AI&ML to optimize baseline schedules and get the job done as quickly as possible
  • Uncovering how analytics can be and has been used to improve the scheduling processes itself
  • Using data analytics to discover root causes in problems in the schedule before they delay the project

Chris Heger, Chief Information Officer & Vice President,
OAC Services

Akshita Tyagi, Project Engineer (Data Analytics),
OAC Services

2:30 pm How DPR is Enabling Their Future Connected Jobsite


  • Ins and outs of using data to drive performance improvements
  • Gap analysis: borrowing the DPR method
  • Developing standards, baselines, and data governance – the power of Power BI
  • Prepping for the connected job site (the ugly truths)


2:45 pm Afternoon Networking & Breakouts

3:30 pm Realizing the Potential of ML & AI & Preparing Your Data


• Examples of applying ML and AI to data and using this to make decisions in the business
• Using AI and ML to create predictive data testing trends
• Forming strategies on future analytics, structuring data for AI and ML and preparing your business now

4:00 pm Panel Discussion: Determining the Right Metrics & KPIs to Track for Success

  • Nicole Waits Insights Analyst, Ryan Companies
  • Brian Tighe National Director of Project Analytics, Skanska
  • Adam Krob Director of Information Technology, Boh Bros Construction


• Creating the right KPI’s through correct categorization of projects for appropriate benchmarks to be created
• Identifying KPIs and creating data capture/mining strategies appropriately so unnecessary data capture does not burden staff
• Integrating various KPIs together to give more information on the potential success of projects and reveal key business insights
• Lessons Learned: KPIs that gave value & KPIs that did not

4:50 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks

  • Jit Kee Chin Chief Data & Innovation Officer, Suffolk Construction

5:00 pm End of Day Networking & Breakout Discussions