Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Monday, July 19

Kickstarting Analytics on a Tight Budget

11:50 am Morning Coffee & Registration

12:50 pm

Opening Remarks

12:55 pm Case Study: Explaining Step by Step How a Small Subcontractor Initiated & Rolled Out an Analytics Program


• Outlining the vision for the analytics program: the business case and applications in project and productivity tracking, time and employee management to justify the investment
• Revealing the challenges with engaging field staff and superintendents with new tools such as tablets to collect data, and how to win them over
• Establishing reliable dashboards and gaining the trust of superintendents and management so that data is directly impacting decision making

1:40 pm Highlighting Low-Budget Technology Solutions to Better Collate, Integrate & Visualize Your Data

  • Rachel Barker Business Intelligence Analyst, Oltmans Construction


• Reviewing the objectives of an IT infrastructure program: what do you need your solutions to do today, and ensure you’re set up for future applications?
• Identifying solutions for data integration that achieve at least minimal viability at significantly reduced budgets
• Determining the most critical data points that should be included in dashboards and reports so even a simple product can help influence decisions

2:20 pm

Networking & Refreshments

3:20 pm Working Groups: Share Your Story & Hear Lessons Learned from Peers from Their Early Days in Analytics

  • Pat Quick Director of Information Technology, All Weather Contractors


This is your opportunity to have a candid discussion with other attendees. What was their start up
experience for their analytics program? What challenges did they face and how did they overcome them?

4:20 pm Gaining the Buy-In of Executives, Departments Heads & Project Managers to Roll Out Highly Valuable Reports & Analytics in Three Years


• Year One: Finding a way to quickly gain the buy-in of senior executives through easy to use reports that align with their usual way of working and add immediate value
• Year Two: Providing deep dives for each department based on their business needs, such as safety and people retention, building momentum so that the demand for analytics becomes contagious
• Year Three: Consolidating data into easy to use operational level dashboards that save everyone significant amounts of time every week such as project risk and project management

5:00 pm

End of Workshop Day