Focus Day

Tuesday, September 22


10:00 am Morning Coffee & Registration

10:30 am Determining a Reporting & Dashboards Strategy; The Journey of Recognizing What you Want & Making it Happen


This is your opportunity to learn what you can do with the spectrum of information out there to create reports and dashboards to guarantee intelligent decision making at your firm. What does a long-term dashboard and reporting strategy look like? How do you create dashboards and reports for different projects? How do you decide on the key metrics to use?

11:00 am Believing your Dashboards & Reports; Ensuring Quality for Trusted Decision Making

  • Brent Pilgrim DESTINI Applications Director, The Beck Group
  • Greg O’Bryan Preconstruction Engineer & Senior Engineer, The Beck Group


Having impressive dashboards and reports with complicated algorithms are still fundamentally unusable without having faith that the data is accurate and communicating that to the executives that use them as decision making tools. This workshop is dedicated to support the creation of trusted dashboards and reports by ensuring the quality of data. Join us and understand where data is coming from, determining whether it is clean and if the information has been validated by a data owner.

12:30 pm Networking Lunch & Breakouts

2:00 pm Mastering Data Visualization; Creating Dashboards & Reports that Successfully Communicate to Their Intended Audience


To create impactful and valued dashboards and reports the end user must be at the heart of design. This workshop is structured to support you in determining the level of detail to show how to structure the data, getting the rich data into a visual presentation and successfully communicate the message the data presents by fundamentally understanding your audience and design dashboards and reports accordingly. Come and hear the lessons learned in presenting data in a visually intelligent way and learn what tools are being used to communicate data; traditional software, boutique products or in-house solutions.

2:30 pm Higher Level Dashboard Possibilities; Automation, AI & ML

  • Jit Kee Chin Chief Data & Innovation Officer, Suffolk Construction


This focus day will finish by exploring the higher-level possibilities available with dashboards and reports. How can automation be implemented to speed up the creation of dashboards and reports? How can real-time dashboards be created to ensure reviews accurately reflect the project in the present? How do we implement intelligent triggers within dashboards? How can we integrate BI tools with dashboards? How can AI & ML be implemented in dashboards and reports to impact business decisions?

3:30 pm End of Focus Day