Pre-Conference Workshop Day

Monday, April 25

Moving Towards a Data Driven Culture

1:00 pm Moving Towards Gaining Buy-in with Higher Management


  • Preparing your research to bring before senior management before implementing new technologies and new processes
  • Presenting your ideas for development and change in the company and what the measurable benefits will be
  • Examining best practices to ensure your company has the time and resources to achieve a smooth transition process

2:00 pm Panel: Ensuring Field Workers Understand the Added Value of New Processes to Avoid an ‘Us Versus Them’ Culture

  • Adam Krob Director - Information Technology, Field Audit & Process Improvement, Boh Bros. Construction
  • Kevin Tubberville Chief Information Officer, Jones Brothers Construction
  • Andres Parra Construction Data Engineer & Lean CM, Kenpat
  • Paul Wolmarans CEO, Kenpat


  • Ensuring that new project managers change their mindset to understand the value that a data driven culture can bring to the field
  • Building dashboards in a way that helps day-to-day project teams prioritize their tasks without making them feel like big brother is watching them
  • Examining best practices to encourage data collection in the field to avoid blind spots and create predictive models

3:00 pm Infusing Data in Every Employee’s Mindset To Align Your Whole Company on Data Processes Whilst Keeping All Its Individual Departments Intact


  • Learning how improving organizational standards and processes will prevent rework and save time
  • Benchmarking best practices to effectively train employees on the rollout of new technologies without overwhelming them
  • Getting everyone involved in a project excited about analytics to ensure wellinformed decision making

4:00 pm Audience Discussion: Gaining Buy-In with Those Working on the Jobsite


  • Why do field workers struggle to buy into new technologies and techniques?
  • What can we do to ensure everyone is on the same page and working together in order to improve the overall quality of collected data?
  • How do we find the right balance between implementing necessary innovations and rolling the innovations out at a speed that field workers can follow successfully?

4:40 pm End of Pre-Conference Day