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2019 Partners


Exhibition Partner

Innovative software solutions that eliminate human error, reduce project risks, and automate construction workflows from design to building handover.



Lantern Data Systems

Branding Partner

Lantern Data Systems specializes in business intelligence for construction. Lantern enables construction companies to collect project data from multiple sources, view it in ways that make sense, and act before problems escalate. Lantern experts know their way around everything from Viewpoint and Sage to Procore, Trimble, HCSS and everything in between. Lantern is the fastest, most effective way to solve business problems and the challenges of new digital technologies.



Branding Partner

Briq integrates, normalizes, and learns from enterprise data to predict outcomes and provide recommendations around construction activities. The company uses three tiers of technology: its Chronicle engine integrates system applications, Foundry stores data in an immutable ledger, and Synapse applies machine learning to historical and real-time data. Briq is
deployed through 8 modules and is built to help construction firms eliminate risk, maximize profitability, and improve accuracy in decision-making.