Thiago da Costa

Thiago da Costa

Company: Toric

Job title: CEO and Co-Founder


Thiago da Costa is a Brazilian entrepreneur best known for founding Lagoa, a cloud-based 3D visualization software acquired by Autodesk in 2014, and presently Toric, a cloud-based, no-code data platform that enables construction companies to interact with their design data and perform extensive analysis without code.

His significant expertise in designing, building, and launching products led to his success in raising venture capital and negotiating competitive M&As. With a propensity for identifying opportunities, the insight to identify a compelling vision, and an uncanny ability to empower teams that enable and inspire individuals, he has quickly become a leading authority in the AECO data analytics space, cultivating an impressive following of industry peers and partners.

Specialties of da Costa’s include SaaS Products and technology, startups, and building core teams that deliver. He thrives on data analytics and real-time collaborative software architectures. His experience encompasses a broad range of 3D industries (Visual Effects, Games, Mechanical CAD, Cloud Platforms). Fluent in English, Portuguese, and French, he has conducted business in the US, Canada, and Europe. His roles include managing global teams spanning North America, Europe, and Asia.


Exploring Toric’s analytics journey and what to expect in the next few years 4:00 pm

Discussing where Toric came from and where we are going with data analytics and in the industry Outlining the advantages construction companies gain from using analytics Highlighting companies that are better equipped with data will do better than their competitionRead more

day: Day One

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