8:00 am Morning Networking & Breakout Discussions

8:30 am Gaining & Securing Buy-In at Multiple Levels Across the Firm; Buy-in from leadership to implement strategy, concept & peer, labourer buy-in for data entry & adherence to standards


• Communicating the value/ROI of data analytics and the investment in technology to executives to ensure financing and drive the business in the direction of data analytics
• Getting overworked project managers and project executives to value and want the innovation process even if it increases their short term workload to ensure
• Motivating field staff towards data capture processes that feel simple and natural
• Transitioning the firm to a culture that understands that data is an important decision making tool; Getting the company to input data and prioritize inputting data

9:30 am Panel Discussion: Maximizing the Data Analytics Potential from a Data Warehouse

  • Ryan Hale Chief Information Officer, Lithko Contracting
  • Andrew Herd Software Development Manager, Kimbel Mechanical
  • Dustin Burns Vice President, Information Technology, McCOWNGORDON Construction


• Lessons learned and value gained after creating a data warehouse; what to do and not do with hindsight
• Identifying data sets that bring value, how they can be leveraged and preparing data for AI & ML
• Identifying meaningful trends and patterns for strategic insight and leveraging algorithm creation to identify metrics and shift through data to recognize potential issues
• Unexpected metrics developed from creating the data warehouse and how that changed strategy

10:00 am Data & Decision Making – Construction Analytics


Right now, you’re collecting data. But statistically, 96% of it will go unused. That’s information that could prevent the next jobsite injury, reduce rework, and cut back on overages. Join this session to learn how to put your data to work. You’ll Learn:

  • Industry trends driving the need for analytics tools
  • How digitization proliferated project data
  • The role of analytics in the evolution of construction

10:30 am Security & Data Analytics: A Baseline for Data Protection Hygiene

  • David Sheidlower Chief Information Security & Privacy Officer, Turner Construction Company


Information that can be analyzed and learned from is the crown jewels of operational and financial information systems. Protecting that information is imperative. During the presentation, a working CISO in the construction industry will explore the fundamentals of good data protection hygiene in the context of data warehousing and analytics. By establishing a firm foundation for data protection, the organization can be sure it has a flexible and effective security program that facilitates data collection and analysis without introducing unnecessary risk.

11:00 am Speed Networking & Morning Breakouts

11:50 am Tracking Productivity in the Field to Innovate in the Face of a Labor Shortage & Gain More Production Per Hour

  • Joshua Mercado Director, BIM and Technology Integration, The Boldt Company
  • Aviva Tang BIM Specialist, The Boldt Company


  • Determining methods to track work being done on the job site
  • Getting the consensus on understanding and quantifying counts to not get trapped over bureaucracy
  • Tracking production through BIM Models and using analytics to notice and implement efficiency changes

12:20 pm Best Practice in Integrating Different Platforms to De-silo Data to Gain Actionable Data for Analytics

  • Chris Tyler Senior Software Developer, Performance Contracting Group


  • Determining whether to have a centralized data warehouse or identify and
    integrate different platforms for analytics
  • Taking data out of spreadsheets into the data model(s)
  • Realizing enterprise data integration and determining the architecture of this
  • Overcoming the interoperability issue with multiple softwares to connect data for
    analytics; deciding on inhouse tools or utilizing third party solutions to integrate

1:00 pm Networking Lunch Break

2:00 pm How Analytics Improves Project Results


• Engineering and construction companies are professional service providers
• Our value is defined by the quality of our people and our ability to manage
projects in a predictable and professional manner. But our industry remains
fragmented – our staff rely heavily on personal experience, framed by the
network, resources and culture of our companies
• Analytics serves as an emerging branch within this tree; to deliver projects more
consistently and make better decisions with our clients, trades, and suppliers
• Learn how Walsh is leveraging analytics within the core of its operations culture to
improve project outcomes and financial performance

2:30 pm Ensuring Data Quality to Trust Insights from Analytics


• Normalizing data; standardizing to ensure historical data is usable
• Successes from third party solutions and improving data quality
• Developing methods to monitor data quality and communicating with the firm to more accurately input data
• Determining how deep to go to get accurate data and what is “good enough” to make data sets reliable and trustworthy

3:00 pm Automating Tasks & Workflows to Ensure Staff’s Time is Used Efficiently; Making Automation a Reality

  • Dustin Burns Vice President, Information Technology, McCOWNGORDON Construction


• Identifying menial tasks to cut out and automate, reducing duplication and streamlining to ensure time is being dedicated where it matters and to end repetition of work and training with processes
• Automating data into the data warehouse; replicating, refining and considering the data flow
• Utilizing AI to speed up the response to RFIs and the process of work being done
• Software, technologies and apps to revolutionize business and streamline productivity; Understanding the possibilities of user-friendly apps and what they can be used for

3:30 pm End of Day Networking & Breakout Discussions

4:30 pm End of Conference