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For the last three years the Advancing Construction Analytics series has hosted conversations across the construction industry on what metrics and KPIs to track, how to collect the right data, how to best store data for your specific purposes, and what the possibilities of analytics applications are, to make your job easier. At our last face-to-face event in 2021, over 190 attendees came to learn from their colleagues on how they could take their data storage and analytics to the next level . 

Advancing Construction Analytics was designed with insights from data analytics specialists across the construction industry to ensure the meeting was developed to support your individual data analytics responsibilities, and promote discussion around the cutting edge challenges and innovations in the field over the last 12 months. 

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Infusing Data in Every Employee’s Mindset to Align your Whole Company on Data Processes Whilst Keeping All Its Individual Departments Intact

Case Study: Discovering the Possibilities of AI & Machine Learning to Improve Speed and Accuracy of Predictions

Integrating Your Data Stack to Improve Transparency of Data for  All Employees

Building Maintainable, Automated and Reusable Production-Ready Data Pipelines

Determining the Best Hiring Strategies to Avoid Wasting Time & Money

What Makes Advancing Construction Unique?

Led by the AECO Community; Professionally Researched Agendas; Detail Through Niche Focus; Targeted Networking

Enter the data era