About Event

Why Attend?

This event is part of the Advancing Construction series, which delivers over a dozen conferences and attracts over 3000 attendees annually. 83% of ENR Top 100 contractors have attended our events.

Every event is vendor and strategy neutral – we have no software or services to pitch, but are free to focus on delivering the best possible conference experience.

Every topic on the event agenda has been qualified through in-depth industry research and we only allow vendors to exhibit or sponsor if contractors have expressed interest in their solution category.

We ask our presenters to deliver real world case studies and ‘how to’ guidance, as opposed to theory or future plans. We understand the value of hearing not just ideas, but lessons learned, and mistakes made.

Returning for the 3rd year, Advancing Construction Analytics 2021 has been designed primarily for Chief Information Officers, VPs & Directors of IT, Data Analytics, Reporting & Business Intelligence professionals. However, we also see many senior executives and department heads attend, who are looking to lead a data strategy or apply analytics to their function.

Agenda Highlights for 2021

Overview of the 2021 Event Highlights

What Makes Advancing Construction Unique?

Led by the AECO Community; Professionally Researched Agendas; Detail Through Niche Focus; Targeted Networking

Enter the data era