About Event

Why You Should Attend

The 2024 agenda is jam-packed with technical sessions, unveiling innovative practices, and showcasing tangible results from analytics initiatives. The comprehensive agenda ensures you're equipped with everything needed to navigate the analytics landscape from adoption to execution. We’re not just discussing strategies to create a central hub for your data, this event will be your ‘central hub’ to map out where you are, where you need to be, and set the right goals for your return to office.

What Will You Achieve In 2024?

Secure Buy-in & Create a Data Fluent Organization

We're here to guide you through proven best practices and strategies to effectively convey your vision to leadership and ensure seamless adoption of analytics goals.

  • Delve into training employees and communicating the importance of data to ensure data integrity and get everyone excited about the impacts of data.
  • Gain insights into success strategies from those who've achieved adoption.
  • Learn how to overcome obstacles, so you have the knowledge to pilot your own methods confidently.

Drive Accurate Decision Making with AI & Predictive Analytics

The future is now, and predictive analytics stands as a cornerstone in enhancing profitability and achieving timely project deliverables.

  • Explore the realm of AI, as we spotlight how leading companies leverage AI tools.
  • Discover how industry leaders are using machine learning algorithms to optimize schedules.
  • Harness generative AI tools to automate workflows.

Optimize Data Integration & Improving Data Integrity

You will gain technical insights into areas like data cleaning, standardising data collection, and connecting data points across disparate systems.

  • Hear practical case studies that will provide you with actionable strategies, empowering you to optimize your data processes, improve decision-making, and enhance project outcomes.
  • Improve the quality and accuracy of your current models.
  • Master these areas and reach a stage where predictive analytics is possible.

Leverage Project Data to Drive Profitable Business Decisions

Discover the business applications of data on a project level, as well as on a corporate level as you gain valuable insights into the most profitable analytics strategies.

  • Establish a connection between project reporting and overall company health.
  • Learn to build the most effective dashboards that ensure compliance, manage budgets, and effective resource allocation to maximize organizational success.
  • Evaluate the metrics and KPIs that are essential for long-term growth.