Partnership Opportunities

Why Partner?

Contractors are being faced with increasingly complex projects and so need to best utilise their data to enhance productivity. However, with multiple solution providers available, many of our attending contractors struggle to assess which is the option best suited to their needs.

As a solution provider, you may have the tool or service that offers optimal functionality, easier integration and simplicity of use – but is the industry aware of it?

Our attendees have sales pitches thrown at them left, right and centre but what they really want to see and hear are case studies of how your solutions have been used effectively to demonstrate to them exactly how your tool will support their business objectives. Hence, we limit the number of sponsorship opportunities at our meeting to ensure that each sponsor has ample time to interact with every attendee in more detailed discussion.

We can also create a custom sponsorship package around your needs, to ensure you leave with the right contacts and our attendees walk away with everything they need to know about your solutions and services. We focus on developing a limited number of high-quality sponsorship opportunities, not just a room full of tables for collecting business cards.

Solutions specificially requested by the industry during research include:

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Contact us to learn how you can become a partner and achieve your business goals faster and more effectively.

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Partnership Director
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