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Partnership Opportunities

Corresponding with others that have the same issues you do on a day to day cycle is a great way to find the solution to those struggles.” – Action Mechanical

“The conference allowed for candid, professional dialogue around what the industry leaders are doing to maintain a competitive edge.” – Flintco LLC

“Great conference. The Hanson Wade folks were very professional, helpful, and well organized. I look forward to the opportunity to attend this conference again in the future.” – Granger Construction


Contractors are struggling to make use and sense of their data. With multiple solution providers available, many are left confused wondering which is the best for them. As a solution provider, you may have the tool that provides the best functionality, is easier to use or simpler to integrate – but is the industry aware of it?

Our attendees have sales pitches thrown at them left, right and center but what they want is to hear case studies of how your solutions have been used, been effective and really understand how your tool will support them. Hence, we limit the number of sponsorship opportunities to ensure each exhibitor has time to talk with each attendee in more detail.

We’ll create a custom sponsorship package around your needs, to ensure you leave with the right contacts and our attendees walk away with everything they need to know about your tool. We focus on developing a small number of high-quality sponsorship opportunities, not just a room full of tables for collecting business cards.

Solutions that we expect will be of particular interest to our audience in 2019 include:

  • Organizing, storing and developing Historic Data
  • Data Reporting and Visualization
  • Data Integration tools that examine and utilize data from various non-integrated systems
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions to improve productivity, safety, scheduling and provide more accurate estimates of projects.

Of course, there are so many data solutions and opportunities so please don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more about our expected attendees and opportunities to meet them.

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