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About Event

This conference is the latest addition to our hugely successful and ever popular Advancing Construction series and is set to host over 2000 attendees in 2019 across the USA.

The construction industry is famously behind in innovation and we believe it’s time that should change. With different companies at different stages of their journey one thing is clear, everyone is at the start of making progress with data. Whether it’s mapping out your path and aspirations of what you want your data to do or starting to incorporate A.I. and Machine Learning to improve critical key metrics, every company can come to this conference and see where their data potential lies.

This event will address:

  • Standardizing and integrating data to create a foundation from which robust analytics can occur
  • Improving the collection and management of data to ensure it is of high quality, and easily accessible for all staff
  • Success stories in how contractors have leveraged analytics to improve critical metrics such as productivity, safety, bidding and schedulin