Sergio De Leon

Sergio De Leon

Company: Dryco Construction Inc.

Job title: Data Scientist


Case Study: Executing Effective Asset Management to Understand the ROI of Your Equipment 10:40 am

Tracking and analyzing equipment utilization, identifying key pieces of equipment, and optimizing resource allocation to prevent downtime on job sites Using data analytics to predict when equipment maintenance is needed and to determine the optimal point to dispose of machinery to minimize costs Estimating the future residual market value of equipment to optimize equipment lifecycle…Read more

day: Day Two Track 3

Panel Discussion: Securing Leadership Buy-In to Increase Analytics Investment 9:20 am

Connecting leadership with your data vision and strategy, and its measurable benefits to increase their buy-in to the adoption of analytics tools Obtaining the necessary resources from business owners and stakeholders to drive initiatives forward, particularly in the face of resistance or pushback from field personnel or existing management Harnessing this insight to build a…Read more

day: Day Two

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