Workshop F: Taking Your Analytics Strategy to the Next Level With Predictive Analytics

Time: 3:30 pm
day: Pre-Conference Workshop F


Predictive analytics has risen to the forefront of strategic priorities across diverse industries. It represents the apex of data-driven decision making, empowering organizations to foresee forthcoming trends, uncover hidden opportunities, and proactively address potential challenges. This workshop delves into the fundamentals, strategies, and techniques that underpin effective predictive analytics by:

  • Understanding the fundamentals needed to begin your predictive journey, namely the importance of preparing high-quality data within an organized tech stack to reach a stage where predictive analytics is possible 
  • Evaluating what data is needed to create absorbing results that provide predictive value
  • Learning the techniques and best practices for preparing, reusing, and updating predictive data to improve and validate the accuracy of an intelligent, predictive model 
  • Benchmarking the technologies available for more predictive analytics and decision making